Beer Festival Menu

Download our full beer selection below!

We will be operating a token system for the beer bar. Tokens are available from the front desk or Live & Local Bar. Cash and card accepted.

£10 for 2 pints (or 4 half pints).

Due to venue restrictions all drinks will be served in plastic glasses. You are welcome to bring your own pint glass as along as it is CE marked and kept away from the dancefloor.


Konik 4.5% (C)
Amber, floral and crispy.

Mr Toad 3.9% (C)
Best Bitter (Chestnut)

Lager 4% (K)
Easy drinking crisp lager

Upper Quadrant 5.2% (C)
New England IPA (Hazy Pale)

Teardrop Citra 4.2% (C)
Pale Citra
Presenting light malt structure and packed with clear tropical fruit salad notes, Teardrop Citra is a single hop beer for real beer purists.

Wild Beeries 6% (K)
Berry sour/unfined
Wild Beeries is a wild beer made with wild berries. It’s recipe is constantly changing using the best berries in season.

Morning Star 4.4% (C)
English Pale (GF)
An all-English hopped Pale Ale with a light malt base providing a smooth and clean background, with an Archer and Jester dry hop bringing delicate floral and fruity flavours with hints of peach and grapefruit.

Northwall 4.3% (C)
Best Bitter
Made with 100% English hops and brewed using lots of rich crystal malts and a touch of dark malt for a lightly bitter end.

Baldrick 3.4% (C)
A very smooth and moorish Mild ale that delivers plenty of malty flavours.

Black Ram 5% (C)
Black Lager

Dark & Seedy 5.5% (C)
Vanilla Stout (GF)
Chocolate, roasted coffee and berry fruits embrace your taste buds with a sweet vanilla finish. Full-bodied, rich and decadent to the core.

Number of the Yeast 4% (C)
Irish Red Ale
A malt led beer with aromas of rich caramel and toffee. Medium-bodied and slightly creamy. Well conditions with a mild bitterness

Vivid Dreams of CF 184 4.3% (C)
Unfined Single Hop Hazy IPA

Crowded House 3.4% (C)
Hopped with a blend of El Dorado and Olicana, this easy-drinking pale ale has floral, fruity aromas and flavours punctuated with hints of grapefruit, pears, and stone fruits.

Basic Needs 5.3% (K)
We get loads of fresh pineapple flecked with citrusy lemon from this bright XPA. We hopped BASIC NEEDS with Idaho 7 on both the hot and cold side, and also added experimental HBC 630 and HBC 638 in the dry hop.

Something Wicked 4.4% (C)
A velvety bed of toasted malts give this devilish russet ale a rich malty flavour, overlaid with spectral Willamette hop aromas.

Ambassador 5.5% (C)
English IPA
Heavily bittered and hopped, fragrant, clean-tasting, malty ale has notes of marmalade, honey and orange citrus.

Black Tractor 3.2% (K)
Irish Stout

Warbler 4.6% (C)
German Blonde
Golden ale with a decent bitter body and smooth with plenty of bitter citrus flavours and a grapefruity finish.


Devon Mist 4.5%

Hazy cider, bursting with the taste of perfectly ripe apples.

Yellow Hammer 6%
Tannic bite with endless apple pie delight.

Voodoo Pulp 4.7%
Sparkling cloudy dry cider.

Shape Shifter 4%
Ginger and lime, sparkling cloudy medium cider.

Muscle Mary 4%
Medium Raspberry cider. Still.

A-moon-arillo 4.2% (C)
Hazy Pale
Single hop brew with Amarillo.

We would like to thank White Horse Brewery for their time and expertise in sourcing all the beers and White Horse CAMRA for their assistance on the bar.