Artist Information

Live & Local was formed in 2021 with our partners at JT Stage Productions to provide a new entertainment space in Grove, Wantage at the Old Mill Hall. We strive to provide the best quality production and comfortable performing space for artists.

Venue Information

  • The Old Mill Hall has a capacity of 250, with a mixture of seated and standing.
  • Get-in and soundcheck times will be advanced prior to the event. Get-in times are normally from 4PM unless otherwise agreed.
  • Load-in is via the main doors at the venue, all at ground level. Vans and cars can pull up all the way to the front doors but please be mindful of the footpaths surrounding the venue.
  • There is a free car park adjacent to the venue.
  • Live music curfew is 11PM.
  • Stage size: 8m(W) X 4.7m (D) @ 1m (H)

Backstage Facilities

  • One large green room is available for each band.
  • Tea and coffee making facilites, and bottled water are supplied as standard.
  • Ironing facilities and full length mirrors can be provided upon request (please advise at least 48hrs prior).
  • Please ensure any catering riders are advanced and agreed at least 7 days prior to the performance.

Technical Specification

Technical equipment is provided by our partners at JT Stage Productions. All sound equipment below is provided on an “as needed” basis so please ensure technical riders are provided at least 7 days in advance to ensure availability. One sound/lighting technician is supplied as standard.


FOH: d&b audiotechnik Q-series consisting of 2X Q7, 4X QSUB and 2X D12 amplifiers easily capable of 104dBA throughout the listening area.

Control: Venue desk supplied is an Allen & Heath SQ6 with GX4816 digital stagebox at stage left providing 48 inputs and 16 outputs. Outputs 13-16 are usually reserved for FOH amplifiers. An additional CAT5E fully shielded cable can be provided for incoming companies bringing their own desk.

Monitoring: Up to 8 QSC K10/K12 and one QSC KSUB can be provided for stage monitoring. 2X Sennheiser EW300 IEM transmitters and 4 beltpacks are available upon request.

Microphone Stock: 6X Shure SM58, 4X Shure Beta 58A, 6X Shure SM57, 2X Sennheiser E906, 4X Sennheiser E604, 4X Audio Technica AT8033, 1X Shure Beta 52A, 1X Shure Beta 91A, 6X Klark Teknik DN100. Sennheiser handheld wireless microphones available upon request. We stock an ample amount of K&M boom and straight microphone stands.


Ample 13A and 16A power is available on stage. For incoming companies bringing their own equipment, 2X32A1P and 2X32A3P supplies are available stage left. One 63A3P can also be made available upon request.


The standard lighting rig consists of a mixture of Chauvet moving head beams, washes and blinders controlled by a Chamsys lighting desk. A water based hazer is normally used for all events. If you require any more information on our lighting setup, please get in touch.